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Business Litigation

April 2018: Conclusion of a case involving a 44 woman who fell over a chain while walking into work, followed by medical negligence and the loss of her left leg. Confidential settlement.


May 2017: $8,500,000 conclusion of business case involving a partnership with a promissory note. Case involved three trials, three appeals, two writs. Successfully reversed by appeal a judgement of 7,900,000. Taken away by the trial court.


February 2016 : Concluded 3.5 years of litigation regarding a doctor whose privileges were wrongfully taken, confidential settlement.


February, 2001.  U.S Federal District Court, Central District. $2,000,000.00 right to recovery of goods in business transaction involving import-export matter.


No offers before trial, No offers during trial.   Jury Verdict $90,000.00 less 30% comparative. Kennedy takes over case one week before trial on slip and fall with plaintiff who sees the ice before she steps on it.


Fractured ankle.  Victorville, California.  No offers for two years, then case settled within five months of receiving file for $450,000.00. Plaintiff with two prior back surgeries suffering from neck and back pains. 


TMJ. Allstate Offers:$10,000; Jury Verdict $92,000 in Burbank, CA.


Business Opportunity Matter: In three weeks and for less than $1,500 in feesClient shaves $65,000 off cost of $300,000 business due to misrepresentation of income in listing. Case goes from $40,000 to $89,000 in four days with J. Grant Kennedy. Return on cost to hire Kennedy, 1,141%! Defendant disputing liability and injuries pays on first day of trial.


Pretrial offer $50,000Simi Valley, CA Jury Verdict $308,000.00 plus $200,000 in costs, attorneys fees to recover, case settled post trial.


Loss of income after fire. Offer $47,000. Kennedy joins team, six months later settlement $150,000.00. Hiring attorney keeps 80% of fees.


72 year old pedestrian struck by 4 wheel bike on bike path, pre-existing disc surgery, offer $50,000.00. Kennedy joins team, settles three months later for $137,500.00. Hiring attorney keeps 88% of fees.


Yolo County :  Man puts property in girl friends name and can’t get it back.  We win, he gets property back. 


Passenger in auto v. truck, cervical surgery, no offers for 4 ½ yearsKennedy joins team, within 6 months $100,000 policy limits on uninsured policy collected, hiring attorney keeps 60% of fee.


Soft tissue injury to neck, $4,000.00 in medical specials, claimed 10% restriction in ability to do job, offer $12,000.00 at MSC, then Kennedy joins team, settles 5 months later for $250,000.00. Hiring attorney keeps 2/3 of fees, making $60,000.00 instead of $4,000.00.


Grant Kennedy understands and appreciates the sole practitioner’s needs,  concerns and problems in effectively, but efficiently, preparing and taking a case to trial. The clients loved him and he added extra fire power and perspective to our case, resulting in the case going from a $75,000 offer at the MSC, to a settlement figure of $425,000.00 at the final settlement conference three months later. Grant provides a great service, adds substantial value to a case, and does so at extremely reasonable and fair rates. I think more attorneys should know about the services provided by J. Grant Kennedy”    Robert Finn, Attorney at Law


Rear end collision with neck, back pain and bilateral carpel tunnel, no offers at MSC claiming injuries unrelated to accident, then Kennedy joins team, Defense then offers $125,000 by 998 10 days before trial, Settlement on day of trial for $195,000.00. Hiring attorney keeps NINETY PERCENT of fees.


“As house counsel for a large steel concern, occasionally we are confronted with legal matters that require litigation and possibly trial. My experience has been that J. Grant Kennedy is very capable at producing results and providing exceptional legal services at a very fair and economical rate. Not only is his hourly rate lower, but he also streamlines the process to get right to the point of a case so that it can either be settled or tried in the most expeditious way. He is knowledgeable, professional in both his services and appearance and we have found him to be a definite asset on a case.”    December 9,1999       Parvin Rezainia, Attorney At Law 


$12,500 in medicals, soft-tissue injury, aggravation of prior disectomy, disputed liability whether second impact caused by first minor impact from rear. Offer: $25,000 raised to $35,000 on second day of trial. Demand $50,000.00. Jury Verdict: $100,000.00 less 40% contributory negligence. Hiring attorney keeps 50% of fees.  


Vehicle v Pedestrian, fractured ankle. Offers at MSC $45,000, then Kennedy joins team. Day of trial settlement $122,500.00. Hiring attorney keeps  80% of fees


Rear-end accident with $800.00 damage to rear of vehicle with soft tissue injury, 1 ½ years later client has herniated disc. $5,000 Offer to referring attorney.  Kennedy takes over case and settles for $95,000.00. Referring attorney makes $12,000.00 instead of $1,500.00.

Medical Malpractice

November 2008, Jane Doe v. Medical Hospital (Confidential) medical malpractice resulting from gynecological surgery resulting in abdominal pain. $1,000,000.00 settlement.

Patent Trial

U.S Federal District Court,  Santa Ana, CA.  Took over case for Defense on May 19, 2008 for trial starting June 3, 2008. Demand $1,500,000 plus treble damages. Verdict after two week trial was $151,000. Plaintiff had three attorneys at trial and spent twice the verdict for trial alone.


Probate Litigation & Trial

April, 06 two week trial in Los Angeles. Probate case, client sued on allegations of fraud and elder abuse with allegations of damages over $800,000. Defense verdict for my client who pays nothing.

Partnership Disputes

April 2005   Ventura, CA.  On this case I was co-counsel with the world class lawyer, Steve Bowers of Los Vegas, Nevada. Fact: off duty prosecutor causes arrest of plaintiff  for assault with a deadly weapon based upon way plaintiff was backing up on dark night on a narrow street. Plaintiff arrested, driven to police station, booked, released and driven by to his car by police. No medical bills incurred. Defense demanded money on cross-complaint to settle. Verdict against defendant: $425,000.00. 


January, 04   Sacramento, CA.  Left rear tire of semi-truck merging on to freeway contacts right front of  Honda Civic. Civic says he never sees the truck before impact. Civic rolls and occupant treats at Kaiser for sore neck and headache. Two years later has back surgery.  Offer $150,000. After 5 week jury trial, Verdict  $890,000 with 50% comparative fault for net of $445,000. 


May 2003        Long Beach, CA. Wrongful death due to vehicle loosing control due to health issues.  No offers for 1 year 2 months with prior attorneys.  Resolved case for $950,000.00. Hiring lawyer keeps Lion’s share.


May 2002        Ventura, CA.  First day of trial State Farm offers $15,000 for 2 mm. disc  bulge with soft tissue and muscle residual. J. Grant Kennedy obtains a verdict with interest and costs for $615,000.  Paid without appeal. 


April, 2002        Van Nuys, CA.  Bus v. auto, herniated cervical disc.  No offers for two years, settles for $195,000 within 5 months of taking case. Hiring attorney keeps 85% of fees


February, 2002.  Ventura, CA. Real action representing Defendant against claim for over $600,000.00 in damages, handled case from start to finish for less than $8,000 in feesPlaintiff dismisses action on 3rd day of trial.


Sept, 2001.    Mild traumatic brain injury resulting from multiple car accident, dispute as to fault and damages. Highest offer $100,000 prior to Kennedy coming into case .Within 2 months of taking over the case the matter settled for  $475,000.00 with hiring attorney keeping 93% of attorneys fees.


July, 2001.  Pomona, CA. Car v. Bike.  Disputed liability. Fractured scapula, broken ribs and collapsed lung. No offers for 2 years, settled for $220,000 within two months of taking over case, hiring attorney keeps 81% of attorneys fees.


June, 2001    Los Angeles, CA. Real Estate Fraud. No Offers for three years. Case settles for $157,500.00 within 3 months of taking case. Client pays only 8% of recovery in attorneys fees.