Maintaining Your Emotional Strength And Calm In A Lawsuit

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Maintaining Your Emotional Strength And Calm In A Lawsuit

There is nothing easy about being in  a lawsuit. It is like climbing in the ring to go several rounds. Inevitably even the best take a glove to the face.  It is important to be able to listen to the other side without reacting emotionally.  Each side wants to win. Legendary Coach John Wooden remarked that poise was a critical element in success. The temptation to anger is draining and self defeating. It is and can be about perseverance and sticking to the facts.

After 25 years of litigation and trial I have seen some clients so emotionally troubled that they ruined their health.  It is critically important that you stay upbeat, positive and focus on the facts. Most lawsuits are just the facts.  Seeing the end up front is a result of actually seeing the end, ie trial. Lawyers who don’t try cases, imagine what the end might be. Like watching a film about skiing and imagining what an expert slope would be like.

Time after time, going in at the last minute to put a case before a jury has given me insight to the end.  It is an art to reach in and grab the key facts, to be confident that is what I need, then wait till I see the whites of the eyes before unloading my ammunition.   Typically our fees are 40-60% lower than our opposition. Why? Experience at trial. Nothing compares to real experience in trying cases.

Staying calm while the other side out spends you, and runs you through the junk process and efforts to wear you down that most attorneys rely on can take its toll on you. That is why we have the 300 plus videos at our website to pump you up, and help you stay uplifted.  A fistful of facts, a commitment to present the truth,  will almost always win over strategies, tactics, and bullying efforts.