Minimizing Costs In A Legal Matter

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Minimizing Costs In A Legal Matter


Lawyers compete just as you do. There are no set prices or terms. Some lawyers charge by the hour, some like us, charge a low hourly with a percentage for recovery and/or meeting goals set in advance. Price may or may not equal value. Some lawyers charge high fees because people believe they must be better. See the facts, don’t bite on price, their office, or the size of their firm. See the facts. What real experience do they document? Talk is easy. Most lawyers will not do five jury trials in their life time. Yet, most say they are trial lawyers.

Important to minimizing legal fees is your being organized, and using good legal documents that are clear, easily understood and carried out in good faith but with a sense of caution. You will have an advantage by documenting facts. (see our video protecting yourself in business).  Unless you have an unlimited budget, reality is, winning by trying to outspend or wear out the other side, especially with an expensive attorney, is often like swimming with an anchor. Watching your invoices, asking questions, and even perhaps getting a second opinion on what you are paying and why.  And, seeing the end up front. By this I mean, a clear objective view of the facts without passion or personal commitment. What makes sense. That is usually the outcome of a lawsuit. Lawyers can spend countless hours and stacks of paperwork, maneuvering in their antics, but gamesmanship, artifice and strategy seldom win over commonsense.

What may have a high price, may be the best, it may not. You can change lawyers any time. You should like your attorney and be able to talk comfortably with them.