Suggestions On What To Do If Sued

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Suggestions On What To Do If Sued

We have a two part video on what to do if you are sued at our website. Here are some basics. This is not legal advice. At our website you will find frequently asked questions. Go there. For example if an action has been filed against you, there is a link to see the case name, number, who it was filed by, and other good information.  Also note the following:

1.    Date of service. If you have been served, write down the date you received papers and how they were received. You have a limited time to respond.

2.    Knowledge is power. Organize the facts and information that your attorney will need.  Understand the system. Many questions are discussed at our website.

3.    Take a deep breath. This is just a part of life. A moment of prayer often helps. Life is full of challenge, you have met it before, you will again. Stay positive. We offer over 300 uplifting positive videos at our website. Why? It is good for mind and spirit.

Shop for an attorney, we have a four part video on our website to give you some ideas and thoughts, it is not a puff piece selling us. What facts document your side’s case, how can you explain your circumstance and issues quickly to find the right lawyer. Try to briefly discuss your matter with the lawyer before wasting your time going by for an in person meeting. Get a feel by phone first.  Most lawyers will give you that courtesy.

Consider early methods of resolution. Arbitration, mediation, or just a friendly talk. Remember whatever you say in writing or otherwise, may come back at you. Using a lawyer avoids that.