Are cold showers the answer to CV19?

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Are cold showers the answer to CV19?

Are cold showers the answer to CV19?

The stoics had a process they called intentional disadvantagement. That would equate to say taking cold showers, sleeping on the floor, depriving yourself of something that comforts you. The theory being that adjusting and preparing for the disadvantages in life, like now CV19, prepare us to respond because we have confidence in our ability to suffer a bit and are conditioned to it better. Just a thought. Life isn’t always easy. How we respond to any challenge will define who we are. Let’s take pride in having the bravery and courage to do what we need to do. If reflects character. Having different philosophies of life, being able to examine the world and find solutions is a product of education. We can make that available and free to the world for a fraction of the cost of educating the few. A vision for a better world. Share it with us at https://wantuniversity.com