What happened?

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What happened?

What did they do wrong? The best question and likely the one the jury is asking. Or what is the explanation?  Lawyers think law, think motions, think prejudice, and think they are so smart the jury is eating out of their brilliant hands.  Ha ha. The trial delusion is like Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman telling each other the movie they were making “Istar” was the best, pouring in millions and it ends up being the biggest flop of all times. Their ego, not the facts misled them. Facts. Law. The law is usually clear, maybe one or two key legal issue exists in a case, but the facts, they are unlimited. One can find many facts perhaps behind a penny. Where it came from? Why copper? Why Lincoln? Will it be used forever? Is it outdated? The facts all start with questions and curiosity. Just be real about facts. They are what they are. Your case is as good as the facts. You are as good as your ability to tell a story, slugging it out burning money and resources in law and motion is civil war style battle with a lot of graves. You can do better.