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Fooling yourself?

Gerry Spence perhaps one of the greatest trial lawyers of our times, not just because of his wins, but also because of his losses and the person he became through his personal trials and how they molded the man he is in a courtroom. Know thyself. Being real is tough let alone in a courtroom. You may think you are who you project to be but as seen by 12 sets of eyes, it may appear otherwise. You may think you appear credible, while the jury sees you as phony for pretending, they may see that your actions state something...

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Effectively developing your case and voir dire

In the movie “Cheney” they point out that it was impossible to get rid of dreaded estate taxes until a focus group discovered calling them “death taxes” shifted the perspective and helped position the effort in the public eye to get rid of them. So, knowing what your case means to others, besides yourself or those in your circle of bias, perhaps start from the beginning of your case with focus studies. Start simple. It does not necessarily mean an expensive focus group. Be curious, what do people think. Study how to phrase your case as neutral as is possible. Try to phrase it...

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What happened?

What did they do wrong? The best question and likely the one the jury is asking. Or what is the explanation?  Lawyers think law, think motions, think prejudice, and think they are so smart the jury is eating out of their brilliant hands.  Ha ha. The trial delusion is like Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman telling each other the movie they were making “Istar” was the best, pouring in millions and it ends up being the biggest flop of all times. Their ego, not the facts misled them. Facts. Law. The law is usually clear, maybe one or two key...

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Screenager feasts

Posted on December 17, 2020 If eyes cannot see it, it is most likely they cannot believe it. You know that. But how do you deliver that for a jury? How does justice become a visual? To get to the brain through the eyes is the art. Visuals.  Delivered in a professional, real, and honest way. Like most worthy productions there is the reflection, the examination of tools, and a consideration of your audiences’ expectations and preferences. In today’s world, of screenagers, need I argue long that the screen in the courtroom is the medium most dear to jurors. What can you put...

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Are cold showers the answer to CV19?

Are cold showers the answer to CV19? The stoics had a process they called intentional disadvantagement. That would equate to say taking cold showers, sleeping on the floor, depriving yourself of something that comforts you. The theory being that adjusting and preparing for the disadvantages in life, like now CV19, prepare us to respond because we have confidence in our ability to suffer a bit and are conditioned to it better. Just a thought. Life isn’t always easy. How we respond to any challenge will define who we are. Let’s take pride in having the bravery and courage to do what...

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First time in a knife fight

Would you place your money in a boxing match on the pugilist who had read about boxing but never been in the ring?  Consider that the great majority of lawyers will never do a trial. Few will do a jury trial. So how do those who have maybe had one class in moot court and evidence in law school step into that roll effectively any more than one might pick up a knife for the first time and be in a knife fight? Would you advocate or accept for  your care that anyone who is a doctor by training can...

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Your story

Start from the beginning of your case to write the story. There are three parts to every story. The story emerges from events sequenced in a plot.  An event is a meaningful change in a character’s life, what that happens to transforms the world from one state into another. The main character(protagonist) goes through a series of events, each of them taking him closer to, or farther away from his Goal. This series of events culminates in Climax — the major, most important event of a story, the moment when the protagonist achieves his goal(or, less often, fails to achieve it).  ...

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Educating the world is good

Knowledge with action is power. Educating the world for a fraction of the cost of educating the free is the simple idea of Wantuniversity.com  All we need to do is design a free online education program from the earliest ages to infinity. A linear presentation of education for anyone with access to a computer to learn anything and everything. Simple. The best presenter on a topic presents it. Wantuniversity.com ...

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